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Want to change and improve your running experience and performance, by leaps and bounds?! Looking for a cool gift, and a great fashion accessory for yourself, your kids, friends, and family?! Want to buy the best, latest, coolest, cutting-edge running watch?!

I present to you the top 10 best selling running watches, and the top 10 most wished for running watches, at this hour! That is right, the two lists are updated hourly! And show the top running watch, at any given hour!

So now you know the place to visit to get the best running watches! (Don’t forget to bookmark this page!) Wish you an improved performance in your chosen running, and loads of coolness, style, and compliments!

Top Rated Running Watches

Casio Men's GA100A-7 G-Shock X-Large Analog-Digital White and Blue Sports Watch

With an extra large case and ultra durable construction, the Casio Men’s G-Shock X-Large Sports Watch offers modern technology in a stylishly rugged design.

Running Watches Product Reviews

  • “This is a great watch and priced nicely.” – David R. Moyer
  • “I ordered the Casio men’s GA 100A-7 G Shock watch for a friend of mine and he absolutely loves this watch.” – Miss G
  • “Very stylish and easy to read, even when you have to use the light when it is dark.” – ElconGolfer

Casio Men's W756-1AVCR Digital Sport Watch

Ideal for any athlete, Casio’s Digital Sport watch features built-in referee timers that track total event time and nine countdown timers for interval training.

Running Watches Recommendations

  • “It has a set of pre-programmed count down timers that work great for field timing.” – Lynn J. Strub
  • “This is a great watch for working outdoors.” – suncat
  • “Since I do lots of interval training I had been using the Gym Boss interval timer to pace my work outs.” – DocJones

Timex Men's T49854 Expedition Rugged Digital Vibration Alarm Brown Nylon Strap Watch

We feel most alive when we’re furthest from life’s routine.

Running Watches Buyers Guide

  • “The vibration alarm is a great feature and is easy to use.” – T. Handeland
  • “This Expedition watch would be perfect if it had the look of its Timex Ironman cousin!” – H. Vu
  • “The indiglo light provides enough light to read the display easily at night.” – Phone Bill

Casio Men's SGW400H-1B Sport Multi-Function Grey Dial Watch

The Casio Men’s Multi-Task Gear Sports Watch brings you a range of information in multiple formats.

Running Watches Customer Reviews

  • “It has many functions like Barometer, thermometer, Altimeter which works great if used according to the explained method in the user guide..” – K. Parikh
  • “Very comfortable and fits a big wrist well.” – MBR82
  • “The Hour-minute hands shine in the dark when exposed to Sun Light for a few seconds, with a nice fluorescent green.” – Raul Gonzalez

Casio Men's W87H-1V Illuminator Sport Watch

No matter if you are playing sports or enjoying the outdoors, this durable classic is the watch to have with you.

Running Watches Customer Reviews

  • “I can say for sure that this watch is the best I have ever had.” – R. A. Romanowski
  • “It is easy to read, night or day.” – R. Clayworth
  • “I love this watch and have owned five in the past ten years.” – Beeswax

Casio G-Shock Mirror-Metallic White Mens Digital Watch - Casio DW6900NB-7

Casio G-Shock Mirror-Metallic White Mens Digital Watch – Casio DW6900NB-7.

Running Watches Product Reviews

  • “My sons love them!” – FUKUSHIMAchildren
  • “I get a lot of compliments when I go out and wear this watch.” – Mike D.
  • “Cant wait to buy another.” – Donald L. Cialini

Casio Men's F201WA-1A Multi-Function Alarm Sports Watch
Running Watches Product Reviews

  • “Very useful feature of having five alarms, which can even be set for a particular date.” – easygoingtodd
  • “I’ve been buying Casio watches for many many years.” – Krishna K. Nair
  • “I can’t believe that you can get such a good watch for so little money.” – MARK R LEFLER

Casio Men's WS210H-1AVCF Tough Solar Powered Tide and Moon Digital Sport Watch
Running Watches Recommendations

  • “Moon phases, tides, and world times are very consistent once set properly.” – Herp McDerp
  • “Maybe that’s a good idea for Casio to promote customers to buy a new one.-:)” – XOR
  • “Love the solar power, stays charged.” – M Russo

Casio Men's G9000MS-1CR G-Shock Military Concept Black Digital Watch

Shock resistant, mud resistant, and low temperature resistant, the rugged and durable Casio Men’s G-Shock Military Concept Watch stands up to the toughest environments.

Running Watches Customer Reviews

  • “Plus it looks great and quite frequently attracts compliments.” – R.K.S., Esq.
  • “Nice size and light on the wrist.” – Dave
  • “It is slightly hard to read in low light but that is what the backlight is for!!” – Huskerfan01

Timex Women's T5K187 Ironman Pulse Calculator Black/Purple Resin Strap Watch

Never lose a second with the Timex Women’s T5K187 Ironman Pulse Calculator Black/Purple Resin Strap Watch.

Running Watches Product Reviews

  • “It’s a very good reliable watch.” – JLR
  • “It’s nice looking, I can wear it to work with my dress clothes.” – irongirl
  • “The pulse calculator works well enough.” – R. H. Ganswindt

Suggestions of the Best Running Watches

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