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Running Workouts Reviews

Run Workouts for Runners and Triathletes (Workouts in a Binder)
Velo Press

To improve performance, athletes need to vary their workouts. For runners, this means alternating endurance runs with shorter but more difficult courses.

Buyers Guide
  • “I know I look like a sports geek when I take this book to the track with me, but it is worth it.” – Shari
  • “The plans are easy to follow, but most importantly the workouts are easy to follow.” – Z. Meinecke
  • “It’s also nice that there are choices for the length of race you’re training for…” – J. Spencer

Run Faster Race Better: For 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon and Triathlons (Live Fit Series) (Return to Fitness)

Are you ready to take the next step? Do you want to improve your running and get fast? Run Faster Race Better is a compilation of track and speed workouts for every runner and athlete who wants to improve.

Expert Advice
  • “This is an excellent book on how to be a better runner.” – Slim Sallee
  • “Now I just gotta get out there!” – ella wilsher
  • “I found the information to be very easy to understand.” – D Runner

Training for Young Distance Runners - 2E
Human Kinetics

Race your best this season with science-based training specifically geared for teenage runners. Your performance will soar when you follow the proven guidelines on designing customized daily, weekly, and seasonal programs.

Running Workouts Reviews
  • “It was a wise purchase.” – Dani
  • “Great book, for coaches who are training young distance runners.” – W. Rae
  • “The pictures are a good reference for all the stretch activities.” – John Steiner

The Runner's Diary: A Daily Training Log
Velo Press

Whether they’re training for a marathon or just trying to stay in shape, runners log hundreds of miles every year. The Runner’s Diary gives them a place to keep track of them all.

Product Reviews
  • “There is enough space to write plenty about any run or workout and there’s extras like nutrition tracking (I like).” – R. R. R. Lesh
  • “It is a great diary, as the days are not dated, thus this diary can last a couple of years if you are not an every single week runner.” – Nancy B.
  • “Some may not be bothered by that, but that is a deal breaker for me.” – Jill Mahal

Hansons Marathon Method: A Renegade Path to Your Fastest Marathon

In Hansons Marathon Method, the coaches of the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project reveal the methods they’ve used to turn their runners into race winners, national champions, and Olympians.

Consumer Reports
  • “Luke Humphrey explain the Hanson training method so clearly and concisely!” – Tuttman52
  • “I highly – highly – recommend this book/method.” – Willard M. Oliver
  • “I will be using this to run my next marathon (Boston 2013) based on what I have read.” – Joel J Kozlowski

Runner's World Performance Nutrition for Runners: How to Fuel Your Body for Stronger Workouts, Faster Recovery, and Your Best Race Times Ever

This newest addition to the heralded Runner’s World series offers runners up-to-date nutrition advice based on the latest scienceRunners have different nutrition and recovery needs than other endurance athletes.

Consumer Reports
  • “It is a great book with lots of helpful information.” – Tara Reese
  • “It’s easy to read & understand.” – R. Young
  • “Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who is an avid runner.” – David Knipp

Water Workouts: A Guide to Fitness, Training, and Performance Enhancement in the Water

This pathbreaking look at aqua aerobics, deep-water running, and swimming for all fitness enthusiasts includes information on equipment, technique, workouts, and rehabilitation, plus guidelines on heart rate monitoring, nutrition, and flexibility, and strength.

Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook-5th Edition

Boost your energy, manage stress, build muscle, lose fat, and improve your performance. The best-selling nutrition guide is now better than ever! Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook will help you make the right choices in cafes, convenience stores, drive-throughs, and your own kitchen.

No Meat Athlete: Run on Plants and Discover Your Fittest, Fastest, Happiest Self

Combining the winning elements of proven training approaches, motivational stories, and innovative recipes, No Meat Athlete is a unique guidebook, healthy-living cookbook, and nutrition primer for the beginner, every day, and serious athlete who wants to live a meatless lifestyle.

Buying Guides
  • “This book is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to improve their running AND their diet.” – A. M. Herr
  • “Great information, great recipes all in one book!” – MaryAnn
  • “His book has compiled a lot of his thoughts around eating a plant based diet and I like the menu guidelines and recipes.” – 2catsinNC

Running Science

More than 50 years ago, New Zealand’s Arthur Lydiard started using terms like base training, periodization, and peaking. His U.S.

  • “All in all, I consider this book a must-have resource for any serious distance runner’s library.” – Kevin Joseph
  • “All data in the book is backed up with scientific research.” – AKA
  • “It worked like magic!” – E. A Lerner

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