Best Socks For Running

If you are looking for a best socks for running for outdoor activities like running, then you are at the right place. In this post, you can find the best products to choose from.

You will be impressed with the quality of these socks because they are very comfortable to use, for running or jogging. They are also have excellent design with great colors so it will be easier for you to choose according to your needs.

Let’s take a closer look on the top 10 best running sock 2013 on the market. To check sizes, colors or reviews of each products, we recommend you to visit the product pages on Amazon online store below.

Top Rated Running Socks

Drymax Run Hyper Thin Mini Crew Socks, White, Medium

As a runner, moisture is your feet’s worst enemy.

Running Socks Recommendations

  • “They keep my feet cool and dry.” – K. Gasper
  • “Socks are very thin which is exactly what I needed.” – Janice Moore
  • “I am not a runner but am constantly on my feet walking through the hospital where I work.” – bronchoed

Drymax Lite Trail Run 1/4 Crew Socks, Grey/Black, Medium

Trail dirt inside a sock is a bad thing; it can easily cause blisters or rib the skin raw.

Running Socks Product Reviews

  • “I am absolutely amazed at how well these socks perform on the trail and for everyday wear…I have not been able to find a better sock on the market.” – Michael R
  • “These are the best socks.” – Samie
  • “It’s akin to the efficacy with which the underarmour products seem to wick and help dissipate moisture.” – katky

Drymax Lite Trail Run Mini Crew Socks, Grey/Black, Medium

Trail dirt inside a sock is a bad thing; it can easily cause blisters or rib the skin raw.

Running Socks Buyers Guide

  • “They keep keep your feet dry and are very comfortable.” – Jay Owen
  • “I have large feet size 14 1/2 shoe and these fit me great.” – Bob D
  • “These keep your feet comfortable and have just the right amount of padding and thickness (they are not really thick or thin).” – Alex Hoppy

Drymax Maximum Protection Trail Run Mini Crew Socks, White/Orange, Small

Blisters on the feet are the most common sports injury and seem inevitable when running ultra long distances.

Running Socks Customer Reviews

  • “Dry feet helped me stay blister free for all 3 days!” – Joann Niccolls
  • “It’s quite amazing.” – Tim Eckel
  • “I am very pleased with their performance and the protection they provide especially on the long runs.” – PaulB

Smartwool PhD Running Graduated Compression Ultra Light Over-the-Calf Sock - Men's Black Small

Firm support meets moisture-wicking merino wool in SmartWool Men’s / Women’s PhD Graduated Compression Ultra Light Over-the-Calf Socks These ultra-lightweight, over-the-calf socks provide firm graduated compression from the toes to the calves to enhance circulation and help reduce foot fatigue.

Running Socks Product Reviews

  • “And they wick away perspiration, which keeps my feet warm.” – Stephen Wood
  • “It fits really well and does its job; I usually wear them between 2 and 6 hours when I’m skating (roller derby) and my feet don’t hurt when I’m done.” – Adam W. Chown
  • “My calf felt pinched, all the way down my Achilles into my shoe.” – J. Johnson

CEP Women's Compression Run Progressive Sock, II-Small (9.5-12-Inch Calf), Blue

CEP compresson socks provide medical compression to help ahtletes maximize performance and recovery

Running Socks Customer Reviews

  • “To anyone think about getting a pair, i would highly recommend them, especially for long runs and for recovery.” – Christina D.
  • “As for sizing, I’m 5’8 and 190 lbs and I bought the women’s size 3, they were a perfect fit.” – Katdcliff
  • “I’ve tried running in them but I find them constricting and too hot for my taste and prefer to wear them after the run (I wear "invisible" socks normally).” – PetalsToo

Drymax Trail Run 1/4 Crew High Socks, Black/Orange, Medium

Most trail running socks are simply dark colored running socks with no specific “trail” features built-in.

Running Socks Product Reviews

  • “They really do keep your feet dry.” – D. C. Cocke
  • “This sock does the job, is comfortable and has just about the right thickness.” – DJS
  • “They cost a bit more than you would like to spend for a pair of socks, but the investment pays off the second you put them on your feet.” – Nicholas R Annen

2XU Women's Performance Compression Run Sock, Candy Pink/Nectarine, Medium

The new 2XU Compression Performance Run Sock is our lightest, most breathable performance compression sock.

Running Socks Product Reviews

  • “I wear a size 5 and got the size small and it fit fine!” – DoKi
  • “The sock is absorbant in the foot area and fit comfortably.” – N. Beitler
  • “The part around my leg was rather tight but in a way you don’t even notice once they are on, and the foot fit perfectly without the tightness of the rest of the sock.” – L. Knights

2XU Men's Performance Compression Run Sock, Fern Green/Lime Green, Medium

The new 2XU Compression Performance Run Sock is our lightest, most breathable performance compression sock.

Running Socks Consumer reviews

  • “The tightness and pain is in the calf muscle as well as up the side of my legs.” – mhnstr
  • “2XU Compression socks are a lot better than I had hoped for, they really perform!” – SevereWX
  • “I would definitely look to buy some more of these socks.” – Forrest Wildwood

Drymax Cold Weather Run Crew Socks, Red, Medium

Running in cold weather isn’t always fun.

Running Socks Buyers Guide

  • “These socks are great – they keep my feet really warm and dry.” – M. Miller
  • “They are so comfortable and are a great fit.” – Janabird
  • “Although my feet are size 9, I ordered the “small” and they fit perfect, just like a glove.” – B. Kromer

Suggestions of the Best Running Socks

Do you have any Running Socks suggestions that you think Running Socks would love or any feedback on the suggestions in this page? Please feel free to add a comment below.

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