Best Running Headphones

Looking for the best running headphones in 2013? If you’re into running, walking, skating, cycling or working out in any other way and you love hearing music, it’s understood that you’d like to listen to your favorite music when doing those activities. Many people bring an MP3 player (e.g. an iPod) or their mobile phone with them when working out, but the standard earbuds that come with those devices rarely are of good fit, especially for exercising with them. Fortunately enough, you can buy a set of great running earphones that will make your workout even more enjoyable.

There are quite a lot of headphones manufactured specifically for running applications and they’re a great fit if you’d like to listen to music while running or working out in the gym. No matter what kind of training you’re doing, no one likes to push back the earbuds in their ear again and again. That can simply drive crazy even the most calm and patient running fans.

Top Rated Running Headphones

Bose IE2 Audio Headphones

Bose IE2 audio headphones set a new standard for sound reproduction that conventional earbuds can’t match.

Running Headphones Product Reviews

  • “They fit (and stay) in your ears perfectly even during workouts and runs, and they are so comfortable you forget you have them in your ears.” – Fred in SD
  • “They fit so comfortable in my ears.” – skinny minnie
  • “The sound is clear with defined bass and treble.” – Exile On My Street

Jaybird Freedom Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds with Secure Fit-Bluetooth Headset - Retail Packaging - Midnight Black

JayBird JF3 Freedom Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Buds for stereo music and phone calls.

Running Headphones Product Reviews

  • “When running, the cord kind of gets “caught up” on your clothes if you put it behind your head and can yank a little bit.” – J. Flores
  • “I tried out a few combinations of ear buds and secure fit cushions before I found the perfect one.” – Rockinusa
  • “Pairing with my iPhone 4S was easy.” – Bob Schoenholtz

Bose MIE2 Mobile Headset

The Bose MIE2 mobile headset works with most Android, Windows and BlackBerry smartphones to let you take calls with one-touch ease – and enjoy your music with Bose sound.

Running Headphones Customer Reviews

  • “She says the sound quality is very clear, and they are very comfortable.” – Stephen Bitzel
  • “Great sound that does not bleed out even at the highest volume.” – David Hartful Jr.
  • “Comfortable and stays in the ear.” – Michael Kane

Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headset w/ Microphone (Black) - Retail Packaging

The s305 wireless stereo headphones use Bluetooth technology to deliver style, performance and remarkable sound.

Running Headphones Product Reviews

  • “Pairing the headset was very easy and it works well with my iPhone 3G.” – Donna B
  • “Great for talking on the phone and listening to music while working out!” – jsoeder
  • “If you plan on using these headphones at the gym or any activity that will cause you to sweat then don’t get these.” – D. Fazekas

Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680i Sports Headset

When was the last time you had a proper workout without any disturbances? Well, now you can with the CX 380 Sport II earphones.

Running Headphones Recommendations

  • “Stays on my head without any adjusting during long runs, sprints, rows, and jump roping.” – joshua hill
  • “Sound quality is very good for work-out headphones.” – August West
  • “If you put it on before the clip, you have all this cord up by your face.” – I. Black

Philips Rich Bass Neckband Headphones SHS5200/28 (Replaces SHS5200)

Be seen with this reflective neckband headphone that give you extra visibility – and safety -as well as great performance and comfort.

Running Headphones Consumer reviews

  • “I highly recommend this to anyone that’s looking for great sound quality and comfort for headphones for your workouts.” – C. Rodriguez
  • “It is very comfortable to wear for hours and you wont have to worry about it falling out like the inner ear phones.” – Andre
  • “Speaking of the cord, it’s wrapped in a fabric covering, so it doesn’t tangle or knot up like other headphone cords will…and its a lot more durable.” – Amarande

Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones

Portable headphone the on-the-go user

Running Headphones Buyers Guide

  • “These literally famous headphones are unquestionably the best sounding thing you can buy for this money.” – tomjonesrocks
  • “The ear clips take a little getting use to but they fit comfortably.” – T. Stuckey
  • “What I don’t like is the ear clips sometimes snap off of the headphone and the cord is always getting tangles up.” – SPARKY0210

GOgroove AirBand Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with Headset Microphone for Apple iPhone , Motorola , Samsung , LG , Nokia , HTC & More A2DP Enabled Smartphones , Tablets & MP3 Players
Accessory Power

GOgroove AirBand Wireless Bluetooth HeadsetSuperior DesignThe GOgroove AirBand streams a rich listening experience from your Bluetooth-enabled media device straight to your ears! A sleek, contemporary design is coupled with SonusMAX Technology to add depth, bass, & treble to your music while also eliminating static for clean, crisp audio! Best of all, the headset is so light and comfortable, you can wear it for hours of listening pleasure!Wireless FreedomThe AirBand offers easy hands-free calling from your device using the integrated microphone, so now you can keep both hands on the wheel, or multitask around the house or at the office while on the phone.

Running Headphones Recommendations

  • “The sound quality is very good.” – J. Kurz
  • “Paired easily with my iPhone and iPad both.” – Michael McGlothlin
  • “I use this everyday for listening to music and making phone calls.” – Langley Fam

Panasonic RPHJE120K In-Ear Headphone, Black


Running Headphones Consumer reviews

  • “These come with three different sizes of buds to fit different ears and I find them very comfortable.” – sfv66
  • “They fit very well in your ears, sound pretty good and look great.” – Felipe Wilson
  • “They stay in my ears while running and are very comfortable.” – Greg Serba

JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs

In-ear canal headphones that reproduce powerful and dynamic deep bass sound.

Running Headphones Recommendations

  • “You will get more than your money’s worth with this pair of headphones.” – M. E. Priest
  • “This has a good clear sound ,deep bass, not too overpower the mids and highs.” – Hunter
  • “I listen to Rap, R&B, Rock, Techno, House… basically a lot of gym music.” – Scottie

Suggestions of the Best Running Headphones

Do you have any Running Headphones suggestions that you think Running Headphones would love or any feedback on the suggestions in this page? Please feel free to add a comment below.

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